'Dental Outreach' Aged Care Program

Moonta Dental is proud to be the exclusive partner of Australian Dental Foundation’s ‘Dental Outreach’ Program for the Yorke Peninsula and Copper Coast. 

The ‘Dental Outreach’ Program strives to take the hassle out of organising trips to the dentist for seniors while not sacrificing the quality of dental treatment.

Delivered at a local level by qualified and experienced clinicians using mobile dental equipment, the program provides a wide range of dental services including examinations, cleans and where required fillings, x-rays, denture services and extractions.

If your aged care facility or complex would like to participate in the ‘Dental Outreach’ Program, or would like further information please contact Moonta Dental on (08) 8825 1116 or visit my www.dentalfoundation.org.au




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