Quit Your Way in May

Most people are aware that smoking is bad for their health as it can cause various medical issues and fatal disease. However, many do not realise the harm smoking has on their mouth, gums and teeth.

When you smoke you are at much higher risk of developing oral cancer, gum disease, tooth decay and many other serious illnesses.

The good news is your body is very good at healing itself! Quitting smoking drastically improves your oral health, reduces risk of oral cancer and response to gum treatment. People who quit smoking long term have the same risk of developing diseases of the mouth than non-smokers.

This month the Government has launched the campaign Quit Your Way in May, providing the perfect opportunity for South Australian smokers to join in for a smoke-free May, or even part of. Smokers who register for Quit Your Way in May can choose to receive regular emails to assist with prepping to quit.

Every quit attempt you learn something new. Putting down the smokes this May will help you gain the skills and confidence you need to quit long term.

Moonta Dental is getting behind the initiative to support healthy mouths and healthy lives and encourage you to think about what approach might work best for you!

Visit www.quityourwayinmay.com.au for helpful quitting tips and resources to better your health and well-being.

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